The Team

Welcome to Prudent Homecare, where our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to our community in Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln. Get to know the faces behind our mission


Ademola Coker (CEO)

Ademola Coker, also known as Coker, serves as the CEO of Prudent Home Care, a venture he founded to meet the rising demand for personalized home and community-based care. With over a decade of versatile experience in healthcare roles, Coker’s entrepreneurial and problem-solving prowess has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s mission. Beyond his professional commitments, he is an aviation enthusiast and avid traveler, reflecting a diverse and multifaceted persona.


Melanie Colon  (Operations manager)

With a robust 9-year tenure in the healthcare industry, Melanie began her career at a nursing home while concurrently pursuing a degree in social work. Upon obtaining her degree, she transitioned to Prudent Home Care, assuming the vital role of Operations Manager. Melanie is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for clients by orchestrating the intake process, supervising staff, and cultivating positive relationships with clients and their families. In addition to her direct client responsibilities, she plays a key role in business development, implementing company policies and procedures, and managing strategic initiatives.

Outside her professional commitments, Melanie enjoys spending valuable time with her family and indulges in her culinary interests, particularly in cooking and baking.

Rapheal Oyebode (Residential manager)

Raphael, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the healthcare space, currently serves as the Residential Manager at Prudent Home Care. Drawing from extensive hands-on experience in client care, Raphael takes on a pivotal role in ensuring the fulfillment of clients’ needs. Beyond that, he acts as a liaison and advocate for both staff and clients, leveraging his exceptional people skills. Holding a bachelor’s degree in information systems, Raphael seamlessly blends his technical knowledge with his healthcare expertise. Outside of work, he finds joy in swimming and indulges his passion for travel, embodying a holistic approach to his professional and personal life.

Peter Ororo (Residential coordinator )

Peter Ororo possesses a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, where his distinctive technical proficiency and commitment to organizational excellence shine in his role as a Coordinator. He plays a key role in crafting and refining systems and processes for client care, staff management, and overall company operations. Peter’s adept IT skills contribute to the digitization of systems, elevating organizational efficiency and accountability. Outside of his professional pursuits, he engages in strategic leisure activities, with a penchant for gaming, and enjoys honing his culinary skills through cooking during his leisure time.

Donna Wilson ( Care coordinator/RN)

Donna, a certified Dental Assistant turned BSN nurse, has a diverse professional history. After a decade in dental assistance and managing daycares, she pursued nursing, gaining experience as an LTC nurse and manager at Missouri Slope.

Currently, Donna serves as a Care Coordinator and RN at Prudent Home Care, overseeing client care and staff training. Outside work, she enjoys driving, family time, and various hobbies like reading, puzzles, and watching shows such as Chicago Fire and documentaries.

Chris Krous (Maintenance specialist)

Chris assumes the role of Maintenance Specialist at Prudent Home Care, where he oversees the operational integrity of both adult foster homes. Tasked with addressing a spectrum of issues such as plumbing, vehicle maintenance, and wheelchair repairs, Chris’s remarkable handiness contributes to his adept problem-solving skills. His passion for aiding others is underscored by a keen interest in machines and their functionality. Outside his professional commitments, Chris dedicates his free time to the farm, engaging in hands-on work and contributing to a meticulously maintained environment.

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